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Based on its web design.


Why you need one.

In short, because it gives you the potential to make more money.

With a well-designed website, you have a 24/7 365 showroom that existing and potential customers can visit any time of day, no matter where they are; the doors are always open for a sales opportunity.

No matter if you sell products or services, people are looking more and more to the internet for instant purchases, support and the contact details of companies they wish to connect with.

Not having a website, or worse, an outdated or poorly built one, generally means that customers will either go to the competition, or look for some other method of contacting you. Think about the last time you needed the details of a business and were unable to find them online, did you go to the phone directory or the competition?


of a websites first impression is based on its design.


of shoppers will research online before purchasing.


trust online reviews from other customers.

Why a Rexu Website?

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We have been builders, jewellers, retailers and fruit experts. When we work with you, we adopt the methods and ethos of your company. Only then can we design and create for your customers needs.


Using ideas from both outside the box and where internet usage is going, not where it has been, we shape and plan based on your business and how best to engage your customers.


Using the latest web design and building techniques enables us to give your new website increased longevity for design and future expandability.


Easy explainations, technical elements taken care of and no automated phone systems. If you have a challenge before, during or after the project we are here to support you.

Websites built for you

Eliminate your website building stress by using Rexu


Website Type No. 01


Show your customers you mean business with a modern website that works on your phone, computer & tablet. Be found, be contacted.


Website Type No. 02


Features to enable your business to streamline its online operations and give your customers the experience they expect.


Website Type No. 03


A store that never closes. Easily sell your products and services online with a safe and secure checkout for PayPal and all major cards.


Keeping it Going


Maintained and serviced on a plan, pay-as-you-go, or in house. Whichever option you require we will make the website fit around you.

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