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over content with text and images.


Why you need it.

In short, because it is largely considered the most preferred by customers. Furthermore, video is deemed to have the highest return on investment of all the content marketing types.

Arguably, video content is one of the most powerful weapons in your marketing arsenal. With a professional look and feel targeted at a specific audience, the results can be astounding.

Since video content is so popular with all types of internet users, having product demonstrations, services offered or branding content in video form will most of all, build engagement.

Research shows that viewers will not only opt for video over text, they will retain more information, and as a result, will be more inclined to purchase.


of mobile video viewers share videos.


of users act after viewing a video ad.


of messaging is retained, compared to 10% for reading text.

Why Rexu Video?

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We have partnered with a handful of carefully selected printers to bring together expert design and high quality print. From original Letterpress methods to current digital techniques, all projects have an impactful design met with the highest quality look and feel.


Careful planning and execution to specific target audiences combined with dedicated and powerful messaging. As a result, a concise marketing message conveyed to the right clientele.


Stunning detail, sharp images and brand aligned colours. Everything your existing customers expect, yet more than enough to engage with potentially new ones.


Different formats of the same video content to be used in multiple places. Thus, ensuring that no matter which platform the video viewed, it will maintain the intended impact.

Video Creation for you


Broaden your marketing potential with Rexu

Video Creation


Simple and elegant videos to raise brand awareness and make you stand out from your competition.


Product Showcase


The next level in building your brand. Complete series of product videos to show up and cross sell opportunities.




With almost 50% of internet users looking for videos related to a product or service before contact, can you afford to not be aiming at that market?



The Works

Remove the stress, after a consultation and questionnaire, the complete pack created to meet branding, product and marketing goals.

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