Of consumers who receive

A good Social Media Service

will recommend the company to others

Social Marketing,

Why you need it.

In short, because social marketing allows your business to connect with an unbelievable amount of new and existing customers.

At the present time, there are 3.17 billion internet users, of which, 2.3 billion are social medial users. Furthermore, as consumers, we are turning to social media more and more to not just research companies but to also gain recommendations and receive near instant customer support.

In conclusion, research shows that customers will be more loyal to companies that they receive a good customer experience from on Social Media. Consequently, they will also become much more likely to recommend these companies to other users. Generally speaking, personal recommendations are one of the main driving factors of people choosing one company over another, thus, providing valuable content and support via social media is a must.


of daily pinners have brought something they discovered on Pinterest.


say Twitter impacts their purchasing decisions more than TV.


more engagement for LinkedIn posts that include a link.

Why Rexu Social Marketing?

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It is much more than just posting to social media and hoping for people to notice. After all, by understanding your target audience, which social media platforms they will be using and how to emotionally connect with them, as a result, will return a far greater response from potential customers.


Assessing the types of customers you already deal with, then allows for a much more targeted approach in reaching new and existing customers, since the correct social media channels become a focus.


Being aware of the latest social media trends, how users are interacting with content on them and which types of users are drawn to each platform ensures that your adverts are reaching the correct audience.


Strategic planning and realising carefully chosen content types at optimal times of day will product the best results and highest return for your company.

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