Judge a Company

By the Quality

Of a person’s business card.


Why you need it.

In short, because it gives a great first impression when done correctly.

With high quality printed material, you can greatly increase the chance of the communication not just being noticed, but also picked up and kept for future reference when needed.

Whether handing out business cards, mail dropping promotion flyers or creating signs, the colour choice will have a positive impact on the way the material is received.

Poor quality, lack of clear messaging or dull colours can render your printed communications worthless and a waste of time and money. Potential customers will simply ignore the content, no matter how well written, if the visuals do not speak to them first. Think of the last time a flyer was posted through your door, did you read it? Did it stand out?


sales increase for every 2000 cards handed out.


of people are drawn to brands with visually appealing material.


would choose not to do business with someone that has a cheap looking business card.

Why Rexu Print?

#Quality #Appealing #Effective

We have partnered with a handful of carefully selected printers to bring together expert design and high quality print. From original Letterpress methods to current digital techniques, all projects have an impactful design met with the highest quality look and feel.


Using different experts in their given field for traditional letterpress and modern digital printing, all styles and tastes are catered for when printing your designs. The high end feel will set a bar of quality that your customers expect.


Modern designs, clean edges, carefully chosen colours and handpicked fonts will catch the eye of potental customers. Getting noticed is half the battle won.


Clear and concise layouts that convey the correct message to your target audience are what will show the biggest return on your printed investment.

Printed Graphic Design for you


Eliminate your printing & graphic design stress by using Rexu

Graphic Design


Show your customers you mean business with modern and targeted designs that works across all material. You can even print yourself.


Branding Packs


The next level in building your brand. Complete packs to include fonts, colours, layouts, logo and stationary.




A picture speaks a 1000 words. How many does a book full speak. brochures and catalogues designed to inspire and engage.



The Works

Remove the stress, after a consultation and questionnaire, the complete pack, designed, branded, printed and delivered. Just hand them out.

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