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Hello, we’re Rexu, a web design agency in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Take a look around & get in touch.


During the first 5 seconds a visitor views your site, there is close to 100% chance of them leaving. Yet by 10 seconds it drops to 3%. Finally by 40 seconds, there is equal chance they will still be there at 2 minutes.


Therefore, from concept to completion, we build and design to engage website visitors. This in turn, keeps them on your website, and most importantly, turning into potential customers.


Branding is more than just a logo. Brand is the whole identity of a company no matter where it is seen. Furthermore, colour increases brand recognition by up to 80%, while 59% of shoppers state they prefer to purchase new products from brands that are familiar to them.


As a result, we ensure brand alignment everywhere your company is seen. In addition to digital, social and print, most of all we will make you stand out. As a result your company will be remembered.

We Make Beautiful Things


To Impress

Thats all the time it takes for a visitor of your site to make judgement on your brand. .svg


Everything Creative. Impress with eye catching and high quality content; online, in-print and by film.


Everything Aligned. As a result of brand recognition, your company is remembered rather than just seen.


Everything Strategic. Plan and execute goals; targeted and relevant adverts using a variety of content methods.

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24th May 2018

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